Creating the right IT Solutions is more than writing code or selling the client the latest hardware… It occurs when Technology meets Experience. Successful IT Solutions happens when technology and experience are delivered in perfect accordance to the client’s needs.

At Bonus ITES we create the perfect solutions to your IT / Digital need by engaging with our clients from start-to-finish. We unlock the true potential of your enterprise by providing perfect solutions.

We specialize in creating deceptively simple but all-encompassing products that will work for you in the present and also anticipate a future need. We do all of this by combining process experience, research, and clarity with the specification of our client’s needs.



To provide quality IT Solutions within a short turnaround time.



To give our Clients more than they anticipated.

To achieve our successes we have the Mind, Body, and Soul that form Bonum ITES

The Mind of Bonum

The Visionary and Founder of the Company, Mr.Kashyap Parikh, turned his vision into reality with his unflagging enthusiasm and the qualifications to back up his vision with practicality. A motivator with years of experience to draw from, his extraordinary capabilities have stimulated the rest of the Team to ever higher accomplishments.

The Soul of Bonum

The Team that tackles the challenges that come our way is the Soul of Bonum. Comprised of talented programmers, creative graphic designers, well-informed hardware & software techs, they research-create-conquer. Passionate about their work, they accept no defeat – no mountain is too high to overcome.

The strong management team can create success stories out of average ideas. The seamless integration at Bonum ITES,between management and team is a thing of beauty.

The Build of the Company

Located in Commercial Business Center Complex in Mumbai - which is the Commercial Heart of India, the company is housed in a well protected and secure environment. With back-ups for power and data; and technical and physical security measures in place, all our creative works are well guarded.

Using Google Backup on Cloud System gives us a double safety measure for our data. Add in the LAN, WIFI, multiple Routers, Servers and Lease lines, both domestic and international backup systems and you have the complete the structure that houses the Talent that is Bonum ITES

Bonum ITES : We Cater To All Your IT Needs.

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