Bonum believes the success of businesses lies with their market value. Market Intelligence (MI) is the key to growth. While AI (Artificial Intelligence) may speed up certain jobs and reduce human error to a certain degree, it is MI that truly contributes to growth.Market Intelligence or MI is our ability to gauge the mood of the consumer, enabling the Client to make an informed and educated Sales & Marketing decision.

Bonum’s MI uses Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Webtrends and Adobe Analytics to gauge the market trends. When is the next holiday? What kind of a holiday is it? What will the consumers most require?

MI accesses Social Media Marketing and analysis of Search Engine Optimization to gauge the on-going trends. What is that celebrity wearing? What is the most wanted status symbol? Which hobby rates highest?

The insights generated by such tracking and data analysis speak to the strategic development team of the Client.

Master Data Management (MDM) & Integration

One File To Rule Them All…

Creating and caring for a Master File which can be used by multiple system platforms and applications sounds easy. But think of the data in terms of quantity, quality and vulnerability.

Complete confidence in its safety, complete confidentiality and complete accuracy is what you seek from your master file.

Bonum has it: Integrity combined with on-going maintenance and support by incorporating rules to eliminate incorrect data, for example removal of duplicates.


Developing customized software solutions requires a unique type of mind. It needs a mind that has roots in practicality and fantasy. One cannot create without Creativity, nor can one create without Practicality… What is the dream? What need does it fulfill? How will it work? Good questions all.

Having artists with a pragmatic approach and having coders with an artistic eye helps a lot!

Using a combination of PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON and HTML, CSS framework, Javascript plus Core Java, RX Java 2, UI and UX for XML, the coders match the talented artists’s creations through Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects to design the required Customer Relations Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, desktop & mobile apps… in other words, whatever is required.

It’s all in a day’s work.

Online Marketing

In the scope of online commerce, digital marketing is a necessity. We could not in good conscience claim to have a perfect e-commerce or any other Internet-based solution if we did not market or promote our Clients.

Using SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to improve ranking and web traffic with technical and creative techniques while optimizing the website to increase its relevance to the specific keywords is one way.

Exploiting the world of social media to suit the needs of the Client is another way. Exposure created by a Campaign, a Survey, and Event featuring the Client that is perfectly timed with a current trend is an unbeatable combination.


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